The town of Merano extends at an altitude between 263-1621 m above sea level and it is the second largest city in South Tyrol, after the city Bolzano. Thanks to its favored climatic location in the valley, one will find mediterranean vegetation with palm trees, olive trees or cypresses. The magnificent alpine backdrop also gives the city a special flair.

Already in the 19th Century Merano was known as a health spa resort. Scientists and doctors appreciated the mild mediterranean climate and clean air, which particularly favored the healing of lung disease. Also, goat's milk and grape cures were offered at that time.

Landmark of the city is the ‘Kurhaus’, a masterpiece of Art Nouveau, located along the Passer Promenade in the Old Town of Merano. However, a variety of other attractions, such as castles or museums, can be expected to see here. The Trauttmansdorff with its botanical gardens invites for an exciting discovery journey.