Tschars/Ciardes - on the prettiest "Waal" path to Reinhold Messner's residence at Castle Juval

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At a glance: the prettiest “Waal” path on the Vinschgau's sunny mountain leads through different vegetation zones up to Castle Juval, perched high above the entrance to the valley Schnalstal. The path follows the soothing, splashing waters of the “Waal” from the apple orchards past ancient chest-nut groves, crossing the sunny mountain with its mediterranean vegetation. Farm inns provide hospitality along the way to the castle, with its many surprises (museum).

Best time: this path can be done the whole year round, the best months are May and September, somewhat hot in midsummer. The castle is closed in July and August.

Rewards: the extensive views over the whole fertile valley, the delightful “Waal” itself, the collections at Castle Juval.

Effort: an easy walk, also suitable as a half-day excursion, minimal difference in altitude.

Walking time: 2,5 hours

Starting point: Tschars (627 m), parking possibility in the village, also reachable by regular busses from Meran.

Route: from the village of
1) Tschars follow the signs for “Juval”. When you come to the big chestnut trees turn right into the “Waal” path and walk along the “Waal” to the
2) Sonnenhof farm (inn) and then left up to
3) Castle Juval

Descent: follow the road downwards for a short distance, then turn right onto the “Waal” path for a short distance, then turn right onto the “Waal” path again, past the hut “Waalerhütte” (the house of the person responsible for looking after the irrigation) back to the starting point.