From St. Martin to Schlanders/Silandro, a walk along the Vinschgau's "Sonnenberg"

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At a glance: many walks lead through the Vinschgau's “sunny mountain” to St.Martin am Kofel. This route takes you up from Latsch by cable-car to the mountain village (1736 m) with its church and superb views. The path then sweeps westwards, passing the mountain farmsteads of Egg and Forra, clinging precariously to the steep slopes, descending to Schlanders via Schlandersburg castle.

Best time: this walk can be done almost the whole year round, best time is early summer and autumn. Can be somewhat hot in high summer.

Rewards: The views of the valley and of the glaciers

Effort: The path descends 1000 m and is a little steep only towards the end. Otherwise an easy full-day walk. Walking time: around 3 hours.

Starting point: Cable-car terminal in Latsch, also reachable by regular busses.
The route: by cable-car to
1) St.Martin, then on path no.14, first on the level, then downhill along the “sunny mountain” to
2) castle Schlandersburg. From there short, steep descent to
3) Schlanders and return by bus to the valley station of the cable-car in Latsch.