The National Park Stilfserjoch

The Stelvio National Park is located in the heart of the Alps and covers the entire mountains of the Ortler and Cevedale group.

As an alpine National Park, it includes all the typical elements and habitats, from high glaciated mountains on 3900m down to the valley bottoms on 650m.

The Stelvio National Park borders on the Swiss National Park and is characterized by a diversity of Alpine animals and plants. With an area of ​​approximately 130.700 ha it is one of the largest protected areas in the Alps.


The visitor center “Aquaprad” is located in the heart of Prato allo Stelvio, directly opposite our hotel, and was opened 2003, in the International Year of Freshwater.

13 different aquariums in which are shown al 35 native fish species of South Tirol allow the possibility to explore the unknown world of water close-up, providing a unique view of the local fauna of aquatic life. Interactive exhibitions offer additional information about brook, bogs and river forest.

Aquaprad Aquaprad - Haus der Fische


Only about 17 miles away in Trafoi is the second national park “Naturatrafoi”. The exhibition “Life on the Edge” allows a fascinating insight into the geology of the Ortler group and in survival, in the adaptations and strategies of plants and animals under the extreme climatic conditions of high mountains.

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