Martell/Martello - a hut-to-hut walk to the hut Martellerhütte (2610 m)

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At a glance: The drive into the Martell valley leads into an unspoilt landscape. Little has been built here and a nature paradise opens up behind the reservoir. The simple mountain walk takes you to the mountain hut Martellerhütte on the lake Konzenlacke, directly below the Zufall and Furkele glaciers. There are 2 other mountain huts along the path.

Best time: Summer till end-September.

Rewards: unspoilt high alpine landscape with mighty glaciers.

Effort: The difference in altitude is 550 m. 2,5 hours up, 2 hours down, easy and well worth the effort.

Starting point: hut Enzianhütte (2050 m) in the inner Martelltal valley, where you find a parking area, also reachable by regular busses.

The route: from the car park near the
1) hut Enzianhütte up on path no. 150 to the beautifully-situated
2) hut Zufallhütte (2265 m), then on in a south-westerly direction to a stone embankment, then left on path no. 103 up to the
3) hut Martellerhütte (2610 m). Return along the same path.