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In the offered training courses balance can be trained easily. Whether young or old, the path is accessible for everyone. Along the culture way of Sulden, on flat terrain, seven stations were built with natural materials from the surrounding area to train the individual imbalance. Experience the noise and balance experience on the 44 m long and 150 cm wide suspension bridge which leads 22 m above roaring waters of the valley. (Trail No. 1 and No. 2)

In the bear bath, a “beary” water and nature facility with a natural waterfall, generous footbath and cold arm bath, which were filled with the purest spring water and were developed according to the principle Kneipp health. Furthermore, there is also information about the plant world, a tree house, resting places, a barefoot path and a unique natural arena. Naturaronda is an experience for the whole family and the whole summer free accessible.