Playing lake

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The 1500 m² and 40 cm deep lake offers a lot of adventure for the little ones.
Get dressed with a wooden raft on the lake, crossing the large suspension bridge, coming to the head of the lake, see the 3 m large waterfalls. There is a lot to discover!

With a maximum deep of 40 cm, everyone is quick on his feet again. At lunchtime wait cozy snack stations with seating for common picnic.

On the sandy beach with wooden deck chairs you can enjoy the breathtaking mountain panorama.

Look forward to an exciting day on the experience mountain Watles! The playing lake and its attractions are free of charge and open every day from 08.30 to 17.00 ô clock and comfortably accessible by chairlift.


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The Funballz on the lake offers the ultimate water fun on the lake. With the huge, transparent and air-filled plastic balls the whole family con roll across the water, running and chasing after each other – without getting your feet wet!

The balls offer inside enough air and freedom of movement and can be used without any previous knowledge. Either individually or up to 3 people can stay in the large funball! A nice thing for young and old. For a fee!

Mountain Karts

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With this new fun sport equipment is the first get up to the mountain. Comfortable with the Watles lift, or for sporting people across the trail.
After a comfortable stop at the Höfer Alm or Plantapatschhütte you can enjoy the ride into the valley with the Watles-Rider. The comfortable designer seat allows a very low center of gravity.

The fact that the Karts do not have a motor, the cause no noise or fumes. From the top station you go the 4 km long forest road down to the valley station amidst the impressive pristine woods. For a fee!